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There are increasing numbers of people who want to talk about food and agriculture but most of the time they end up shouting at each other, or worse yet, they talk past each other. In order to achieve a sustainable food system we all share a role in this responsibility, not just engineers, scientists, or policy makers. Farmers, consumers, grocers, and even youth have to be brought to the conversation to jointly deliberate how we will eat and who will share in our bounty. But, how do we do this?

The content on this page provides concrete examples of how citizens are becoming actively engaged in food system decision-making. Each illustration is organized by first communicating some basic information on the strategy for expanding a food and agriculture conversation, as well as providing one or more case studies to reveal how these strategies can operate. They are not meant to be definitive, simply illustrative of opportunities you might consider and modify based on your specific needs.

Deliberative Dialogue

What is deliberative dialogue?

Case Study: The Rising Cost of Food

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